Yours Truly | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee January 20, 2020

Yours Truly

By Ram Shankar with 6.7

romance · Short Films · tamil

The narrative primarily deals with the isolation and despair of a boy who has recently gotten his heart broken. With the opening visual of a snake slithering over his body as he hyperventilates in fear, the film takes the viewer deeper into his loneliness.

The visuals are dim lit and empty with the surroundings being a direct echo of the protagonist's emotional state. As he is gripped by all-consuming love, there is no other companion to be found in the house except for the grim, dejected looking bust of a man, quietly observing the scene from the margins. The film draws attention to a deeply stigmatised aspect of society that leads to the misery and agony of countless people. As relationships get mired in the desperate need to achieve societal acceptance and a burning desire to stick to the normative, what would be the fate of so many who dare to step out of this structure? The film raises the same question and complements its visuals with a notable soundtrack and performances to drive its message home.
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