Yesterday | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day January 16, 2024


By Ronak Chugh with 7.3

romance · Short Films · hindi

There are days when life is doleful and unsatisfying and there is indeed nothing that can lift your spirits. On days like those, take refuge in art, particularly in a product like Yesterday and allow it to uplift you like nothing else.

This wonderfully written short film, shot in the most beautiful manner, will remind you that the pain of yesterday is precisely where it belongs - in the past. It will take you deep into the realms of attraction, love, heartbreak, separation, hurt and to love again, because what else can we be sure of if not the cyclical nature of life? The short film will involve you to the point where the boundaries between the self and the characters will blur. You will be with them during their highs and lows and at the end of it all, find yourself smiling again. The film will leave you with hope - to either treat it with carelessness or to hold on to it safely for a rainy day.
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