With You/For You | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day July 12, 2021

With You/For You

By Prateek Kuhad with 7

music video · Short Films · english

The colour palette is soft, the vocals soothing and the music just right - this is what the new Prateek Kuhad video offers. Though the song is an old one, the video is the latest offering by the Cold Mess singer.

The video opens with a possibly love-struck protagonist trying out a tune on different instruments. The visuals are structured around the same physical space, visited by different characters and moods. As the narrative progresses, it touches upon several things - falling in love, separation, the grief of losing someone. The closing shot is of a lonely Kuhad, standing all by himself, very unlike the conclusion the viewer may have led to expect by the vocals and sound. Kuhad is his honest, endearingly awkward self in the video, much like an Ed Sheeran of the East. Watch it on a quiet, sombre evening, preferably with a little rain pattering on the window, and you won't be disappointed.
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