Window in a Cage | Short Film Nominee

soty finalist December 11, 2022

Window in a Cage

By Rishav Roushan with 7.2

drama · Short Films · hindi

soty finalist
The world is barely beginning to get back on its feet following the Covid-19 pandemic when the film locates itself. As the activity of everyday existence begins again, and people step out of the confines of their homes, a life of inactivity and senility is conjured before us. The viewer is taken into a household constituted by an old woman, her son, a domestic help and her toddler.

The realm of the film is painted with an intrinsic quietness that continues to define it throughout. The dialogue remains frugal, the action contained, and yet, the space is weaved together in a seamless, impactful manner.

The comment at the heart of the narrative is lucid and unmissable, one about the cage that is put in place by the limitations of old age, finding a metaphorical representation in the house the woman inhabits, while all along trying to make a phone call to someone we never see on screen. Unable to keep track of time, of day and night, she continues the child-like existence of absolute dependency on others, different only in one way - even the toddler in the house is eventually allowed to step out, albeit in the arms of his mother. The woman, on the other hand, simply continues to watch the world pass by from a solitary window in a wall.
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