White Shirt | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day March 30, 2024

White Shirt

By Sumit Aroraa with 7.2

romance · Short Films · hindi

It's no big secret how deep the pitfalls of love can be. With its portrayal of two young lovers, White Shirt explores precisely that. As they move from one stage of their romance to the next, the viewer is soon introduced to the trouble in their paradise.

The short film is engaging and attempts an adept exploration of the many conflicts and turmoil of a relationship gone sour. As is true of all broken hearts, the trajectory of recovery is never a linear one. With several instances of going back and forth, the attempt to move on and the consequent failures, it keeps the viewer guessing till the very end about the fate of the protagonists. As the scene is set for a meeting between them, will it be one of union or parting?
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