Where Do We Truly Belong | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee May 20, 2022

Where Do We Truly Belong

By Pranav Brara with 6.5

drama · Short Films · hindi

Vishwa and Sunaina are the two primary characters of the film, both of them struggling with their own quest for answers and the meaning of existence. Throughout their journey, be it internal or external, metaphors and imagery of nature, plants and greenery remain dominant. As the title also suggests, the goal of this quest is to finally secure a sense of belonging, an idea of a place that can be called home.

However, the point that the narrative makes is, that even if such a place were to exist, one that would fulfil this idea and its expectation, be it imagined or real, would it be something we can find in the physical world, or would it be something we have to look for within? The answer to this, thus, becomes the predominant thrust which propels the plot forward, and eventually leaves one with a sense of freedom, as well as imprisonment, in a manner that is consistent with the film's tone and approach.
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