What If? | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee March 21, 2020

What If?

By Aswin Radhakrishnan with 6.6

drama · Short Films · malayalam

The short film attempts a lot of visual treatments and different manners of engaging with its story. From animation to explicit and suggested violence to neon colours splashed across its screen - it employs them all and deserves brownie points for the technical skill it exhibits in handling them. In terms of story, it attempts to blur lines between reality and dream to confuse as well as engage the viewer.

The story is essentially of a breakup and the consequent anxiety it leads to in both the parties, as well as a friend of the heartbroken girl. The dreams of all three characters are afflicted with gory images of a violence. It also starts a conversation around gender in general, and concerns like an acid attack, in particular. This goes hand-in-hand with invoking a sense of the female energy that threatens to decimate its male counterpart. Over all, through the exploration of the several dynamics of a breakup, the film talks about all of this and presents it all to the viewer in the form of a completed product.
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