Wah Condom | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee February 11, 2020

Wah Condom

By Sanneh Neejay Raikundalia with 6.5

comedy · Short Films · hindi

Wah Condom is an Indian boy's struggle to procure condoms in a US city right before his date. The premise does sound one without any expected obstacles - it's the US after all, a society far liberal than a close-knit Indian structure of gossip-mongering relatives and grumpy shopkeepers, right? Wrong, as the film goes ahead to show.

As the young, bemused protagonist stands before the shopkeeper, from the customers to the shop staff - everyone is an Indian who is, you guessed it right, judging him for his choice. This particular plot device seems too convenient a tool, and thus, fails to be convincing. However, at the end of it all, the film has a positive message about safe sex and that indeed is worthy of full points.
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