Wagh Aala Re Wagh | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 14, 2022

Wagh Aala Re Wagh

By Nikunj Chauhan with 6.2

horror · Short Films · marathi

The story is set in a village where Saaru, a school-girl, runs into a strange peer one day. The two immediately strike a friendship. Saaru even begins to skip school to meet Aditi who, on the other hand, is quite evasive about letting the former into her life. As doubt begins to form in the viewer’s head, the plot starts its movement towards the final reveal.

At the same time, the village is plagued by frequent tiger attacks. The beast has the people in its clutches, their livestock and safety completely at its mercy. The two narratives soon overlap, and the story reaches completion. Though the plot loses points in execution, the desire to weave a story remains evident.
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