Vivartha | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee March 5, 2022


By Prakyath Arya with 6.5

horror · Short Films · hindi

A group of men plan a theft - of a figurine, a painting and a book called Vivartha, if they are able to procure it. The plan is set for success, with the building and the specific house being mostly empty save for a man, the only inhabitant who is completely bed-ridden due to paralysis.

The robbers are confident of their actions which is why when things begin going downhill, it takes them more than a while to realize that something is terribly wrong with their surroundings. The cost at which this realization comes is too high and irrevocable for all of them. The story is marked by a sincere attempt to invoke horror and thrill, even if it means the characters have to go down a path of no return.
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