Varaaha | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee March 6, 2023


By Nilesh Jamwal with 6.6

action · Short Films

A major and a captain of the Indian Army are on a reconnoissance mission in the endless snow of Kashmir. As the senior officer shares his experiences with his junior, a terrible development awaits them.

By offering the tragedy that strikes the two in the form of an ambush, the narrative endeavors to invoke a conversation on the violence that afflicts the Valley. It also shares its ideas on how the common people languish under the burden of the flawed ideologies of politicians as well as militant outfits.

The metaphor that the film presents in its title is of an all-powerful avatar of Vishnu. This is then coupled with the visuals of a vast, empty space where the only sound is that of gunshot, and the only color, other than the pale snow, is the crimson of blood.
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