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Vanvaas | Short Film of the Day

Short film of the Day September 16, 2019


By Sandeep Modi with 7.8

drama · Short Films

There are few familial conflicts that cannot be resolved with an India-Pakistan match, or so suggests Vanvaas. The short film introduces you to a world of generation gaps, where children break away from tradition, while parents fight all change - be it internal (in the form of changing values) or external (in the form of technology and lifestyle - we may all have that one family member who refuses to let go of their radio or transistor or a glass orb for a TV screen). The film also deals with personal exiles, that we impose on ourselves when we resist change or refuse to let go of anger. Piyush Mishra, needless to say, is brilliant as always in the role of an angry, but loving father. He is just as sincerely supported by Ayesha Raza Mishra caught between her husband and son, also a skilful portrayal by Prabal Panjabi.

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