Van Gogh | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee November 14, 2023

Van Gogh

By Bhavya Shah with 7

drama · Short Films · hindi

The narrative of ‘Van Gogh’ is notably marked by its vulnerability and intimacy. At its heart is the very debilitating struggle of the protagonist to come to terms with his feelings of inadequacy, and the resultant isolation. He constantly second-guesses his location in his relationships, as well as his creative pursuits.

The film presents his many battles with his appearance, weight, insecurities, and emotional equations, with seamlessness. Relying more on action, and less on dialogue, it efficiently utilizes the protagonist’s portrayal to present a convincing and powerful narrative.

The screenplay, editing, and writing all aid this endeavor, even if exhibiting a few snags in the department of sound. By invoking the conflicted identity of its namesake artist, the film weaves it all without devolving into a narrative that could have easily been threadbare and hackneyed, and it is perhaps in this that one of its core strengths lies.
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