Truth Or Trash | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee January 29, 2020

Truth Or Trash

By Praveen Whitefield with 6.2

fantasy · Short Films · hindi

The eighties gave us an iconic cinema adaptation of the Ray Nelson sci-fi short story Eight O'Clock in the Morning; the film version was called They Live. Truth or Trash is a short film that endeavours to weave the same narrative - the story of a man finding a pair of sunglasses that reveals to him a truth about society buried somewhere deep under subliminal messaging and media propaganda.

It comes across as a sincere attempt to play with graphics and editing to drive its message home, and is likely to catch the unsuspecting viewer by surprise.It further progresses to reveal an overwhelming reality. However, how will the protagonist cope with it - will it be a full-throttle confrontation or the safety and transitory peace of denial and escapism that he would choose?
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