Time Traveling Troubles  | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee August 12, 2020

Time Traveling Troubles

By Kshitija Jayanth with 6.5

sci fi · Short Films · english

The filmmaker shares that she was inspired by the Netflix series, Dark, to make this film. While the film is far from any sense of comparison for the viewer who has not seen the series, it is nevertheless quite funny.

A girl is casually taking a usual stroll on her terrace when she has an encounter with her future self. The latter is dressed in astronaut clothing with a silver helmet made of foil paper, and has pink hair, which wouldn’t be funny if it weren’t an aware ridicule of the genre. As soon as the girl from the future introduces herself, the girl from the present, instead of “freaking out” as is expected of her, starts off on a rant, “What the hell is wrong with you, time-travelling twits?” What follows next is surely hilarious!
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