Tiffin | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee December 17, 2019


By Ghania Siddiqui with 6.7

drama · Short Films · hindi

In the contemporary atmosphere of increasing discrimination and divisiveness, especially on the basis of religion, the short film comes forth with an emphatic message. The approach it adopts for the same is endearing and devoid of any preachiness.

Tiffin opens with visuals of a school, just about to start bursting with the energy of young kids. However, even a world as innocent as this is fraught by the discriminatory laws it has inherited from the adult world. The strength of the film lies in the subtle, quiet manner it adopts to address its concern, along with being supplemented by a convincing performance of the young lead. When society finds itself torn apart by hollow walls of us and them, hope indeed has a resilient, unusual way of making its presence felt, won't you agree?
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