The Wolf of Chawl Street | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day February 15, 2024

The Wolf of Chawl Street

By Pranav Bhasin with 7.4

experimental · Short Films · hindi

First thing's first, let's begin by appreciating the title of this short film. Next- can we please talk about the beautiful cinematography, authentic frames and the most accurate comic timing of the film? This Enter DLP production, written and directed by Pranav Bhasin, also has a surprise up its sleeve regarding its genre for the unsuspecting viewer.

With a convincing performance by Arnav Bhasin and Sarita Patankar, The Wolf of Chawl Street will introduce you to the Mumbai streets, but with a twist. It will definitely make you fall in love with the art of making short films, as well as the process of consuming them.
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