The Turn Ahead | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee January 6, 2023

The Turn Ahead

By Jessin Joy with 6.8

thriller · Short Films · hindi

The film is a skilled endeavor of weaving a story of thrill, intrigue, mystery and the eventual coming together of them all. A hit-and-run case has left two men in a complex situation, one that can potentially land them in jail and alter the course of their lives forever.

Sean, a hardworking police officer, is leaving no stone unturned in getting to the heart of the matter, until a truly unexpected development occurs. Employing the twist, the narrative does a notable job of catching the viewer unaware with its writing and plot. It further presents to them a dubious circumstance involving Sean’s sister, Sophie.

The screenplay and narratorial progression deliberately lead expectations in a particular direction, only to subvert them eventually. Even though parts of the second half of the film do no exhibit the same smoothness as the rest of it, on the whole it remains a zealous, sincere creative end result, one which paves the path for more similar storytelling in the future.
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