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The Pain of Freedom | Short Film of the Day

Short film of the Day September 8, 2020

The Pain of Freedom

By Arnav Sharma with 6.8

poetry · Short Films · english

The film starts at a melancholic note that makes you wonder if this particular narrative will truly stand out, and then, before you realise it, it becomes much darker and deeper than you would have expected at first glance. It should be noted that the performance by young Ruchika Goel is notable in this aspect, as is the visualisation and execution of the plot by Arnav Sharma.

The poetic, but disconcerting story comes across as a sincere and dedicated endeavour to talk about a concern gaining more and more relevance in contemporary times - one of child sexual abuse. Through the tragic tale of its protagonist, the film puts forth its engagement with the topic, while also drawing the viewer's attention to this very real issue that leaves countless children extremely vulnerable and exposed to abuse and assault.

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