The Night 'Shift' | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee October 2, 2021

The Night 'Shift'

By Harman Khurana with 6.4

drama · Short Films · english

With Covid-19 and home quarantines, the lesser known and unconventional concept of work-from-home has now become mandatory for all business owners and employees. Odd working hours for extended periods of time from a home desk have blurred the lines of personal and professional space, and removed the concept of holidays almost entirely .

One such employee, facing the brunt of the aforementioned circumstances, is Anu who tires herself throughout the day to meet project deadlines. The only available time for her to release the day’s stress and explore other interests are the late hours. Every night, she chooses binge-watching, trying new dresses, among other activities over going to bed early. The struggle of long, exhausting hours at her job, and sleepless yet fun nights continue in the form of a vicious, never-ending cycle, portraying for the viewer a reality we are all too familiar with by now.
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