The Last Order | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day September 6, 2020

The Last Order

By Madhubanti Mukherjee with 7

thriller · Short Films · hindi

The Last Order is a lockdown short that tries to grapple with and unravel a facet of the unprecedented, perplexing circumstances we’re in.

The film chooses a subject that evokes pity from all of us – lockdown birthdays. Whether you’re an introvert or not, the thought of being forced to spend your birthday all alone, shut away from the world, is a unanimously dreaded thought.

A woman orders a food delivery on her birthday and doesn't pay heed to the safety measures. Such an oversight might be familiar for some of us for it is easy to give in to the false security of the pandemic not harming us, and that it won't hit us if we’re inside our house. However, soon after, strange occurrences begin to happen one after the other in her life.

Shadows and lights are employed to invoke an atmosphere of thrill and foreboding, raising the question at the heart of the narrative - will ordering food from outside during a pandemic prove to be a point of no return for the protagonist?
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