The Last 40 Steps | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee October 18, 2022

The Last 40 Steps

By White Bros Theaters with 6.5

experimental · Short Films · hindi

A mother and her son are located against a black backdrop of a world where hardly anything else exists beyond them, or an object or two of theirs. The narrative eventually progresses to reveal this to be a realm that lies between life and death, at the brink of some crucial decisions that would determine the final fate of the characters.

The setting further acquires a theatrical quality, while evidencing the desire to share its story with sincerity. The plot strikes a conversation with the themes of redemption, guilt, existence, life and death, and the possibility of an eternity in Hell that lies on the other side of it all. Eventually, all of these aspects are then attempted to be tied with the complexity of the dynamic shared between the two characters.
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