The Land of the Jungle Book | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 15, 2023

The Land of the Jungle Book

By Shritij Kamath with 6.6

non fiction · Short Films · english

Ensconced within the wilderness of Madhya Pradesh is the Pench National Park where the film takes us. The park is home to hundreds of different types of birds, as well as scores of animals. With only a small percentage available for tourism, for endeavors like the safari we go on with the film, the rest of the park remains the abode to predators and their prey, to the grazing herbivores as well as the many colorful birds. The film introduces us to the beautifully balanced ecosystem of the space, with special moments like the sighting of a 14-year-old tigress with a limp in her paw.

A conversation around the preservation of the ecosystem, along with fighting man-made problems like poaching, and natural disasters like cyclones and storms is also presented to the viewer. Tying its visual progression with stills sometimes takes away some of the narrative's seamlessness. Perhaps more mood shots of the space itself could have enhanced this aspect. On the whole, however, the film remains a long, heartfelt glimpse into a marvelous pocket of nature and the community that supports and nurtures it.
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