The Job | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day August 17, 2022

The Job

By Siddharth Sinha with 7.3

thriller · Short Films

This short film is not meant for a quiet, cold night when you are alone with your thoughts and their many complexities. It will offer you several voices, but only one face. As Kalki Koechlin skilfully shoulders the narrative with an unsurprisingly brilliant performance, she moves from one life situation to another with only voices of invisible characters to accompany her.

Do they exist in real life or are they only a figment of her imagination? This is one of the many questions the film will not answer for you. A loose understanding of the narrative suggests a murder (probably of her dreams?) and the protagonist's perpetual struggle with the Lady Macbeth effect as she keeps washing her hands vigorously. The compulsion to earn money for an ailing family member, the constant instructions of a boss and the desperate need to hold down a job have pinned her to her desk. But is there any escape at hand?
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