The Golden Bougainvillea | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee November 12, 2022

The Golden Bougainvillea

By Heaven Forester with 6.7

drama · Short Films · malayalam

The film opens with a chirpy, loving couple. The effervescence of the visual and the cheer it brings to the table sets the tone, but only to dismantle it as the narrative progresses. A painting on the wall makes the woman before us think of a time long passed, and as we go down the memory lane with her, a new story emerges, that of her mother.

Molly was a woman who sought a companion without realizing. Preoccupying herself, as best as she could, with daily duties and the demands of being a mother, painter and homemaker, she never actively pursued a companion, and yet, one day love came knocking at her door.

The plot that thus develops presents the film’s intentions to the viewer. It invokes a narrative about love, loss, and the burden of guilt and judgment on a conscience. In the process, the story becomes a notable aspect of the film.
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