The Gift | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day February 23, 2019

The Gift

By Kiran Nagdev with 6.9

romance · Short Films

Directed by Kiran Nagdev, The Gift offers the viewers a proposition - what happens when a carefully planned surprise turns into a shock? A couple is celebrating their anniversary and both have decided on elaborate overseas trips with each other. So far so good? Not so much. The twist is both have booked trips for the same dates.

The Gift is a light, breezy film which begins en media res and ends without a definite conclusion. It has no deep truths to offer and the way the narrative handles it is smooth and easy, and for some products of art, that is precisely what is needed. Not all art has to be about existential angst, and sometimes, that’s alright. The short film also offers an endearing template of romantic relationships complete with excitement, anticipation, anger and the resolution of crisis.
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