The Game Of Experiment | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee January 30, 2020

The Game Of Experiment

By Soumava Banerjee with 5.9

thriller · Short Films · bengali

The short film is the story of six friends who find themselves in a dark room in a location unknown to the viewer. The narrative progresses to reveal that the friends have arrived to play a game of which they have no knowledge, in return for a sum of ten lakh rupees. There is an attempt to build an eerie atmosphere of mystery and thrill.

Things come to a head and loyalties are tested, along with morals and principles, as characters are presented a choice between survival and betrayal. When a gun is found under the table, it immediately becomes a question of who kills whom first. However, amidst the heightened tension, what will be the fate of the unsuspecting group who had turned up simply to make some quick money?
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