The First Rain | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee September 15, 2023

The First Rain

By CineFam Productions with 6.7

experimental · Short Films · english

A woman, dressed in an all-white attire, dances on a road in the darkness of the night. She is lit by a bright light which further adds a sense of dissonance to the whole setting, very much deliberate as is conveyed by the rest of the narrative. The dance continues, further asserting a sense of freedom and liberation until the reality of the film is revealed.

When the moment arrives, the film presents the binary of the body and the soul where while one had once relinquished in captivity, the other is now set free, of darkness and light, of life and death itself. If on the one hand, there is an image of the end and incapacitation, on the other is one of a soaring flight. The performance shows skill and effort, as does the thought employed to portray it all.
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