The Drop | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee October 9, 2021

The Drop

By Saif Rashid with 6.3

comedy · Short Films · hindi

A secretive delivery worker waits by the side of the road with a heavy black, briefcase. Dressed in formals with a round hat, the man boards a passing cab after sharing a discreet hand gesture. The cab driver initiates a conversation about the thrilling nature of the man’s job in comparison to his routine, dull life. The exchange starts with them talking about working for the sake of money, but eventually ends up being a discussion of their true aspirations- fulfilling the dreams of a loved one. The man, however, confesses that the ruthless pursuit of money also altered his life in an irrevocable manner.

Lost in talk, the destination arrives sooner than expected, but so do a couple of twists. Do the seemingly aloof and distant reality of the characters have something much simpler, perhaps even comical, waiting to be realized?
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