The Choice | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee October 7, 2023

The Choice

By Siddhendra Korrapati with 6.6

drama · Short Films · telugu

The dilemma between what you want and what you need is at the heart of the film. The protagonist, Parthu adopts a first-person narrative to take the viewer into his past. Once there, the narrative quickly changes its approach to give us an external glimpse into his life.

A young man with dreams of becoming an actor, scriptwriter, and director, Parthu is supported by loving parents who encourage him in all his endeavors, irrespective of the cost. In his own pursuits, he is unaware of the sacrifices they are making to help him.

The plot presents a sincere portrayal of all of this and some more, eventually concluding with a development that ties the film together comprehensively.
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