The Charnel House | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee June 20, 2022

The Charnel House

By Nidhin R Nath with 6.7

horror · Short Films · malayalam

A man in a remote town, a favorite brand of cigarettes and a gory history of a house - these are our first introduction to the world of ‘Charnel House’. Due to the haunted past of a villa, the protagonist has been able to buy it at one-fourth of the price. The viewer is allowed slowly-steadily into this tale of horror and violence. Once the premise is established, events unravel swiftly.

The narrative follows a non-linear path, and moves back and forth to further take us into the dark past of the characters and an evil, vindictive force that follows them until it has been appeased. The film does a notable job of keeping the viewer involved, even if showing a little want of tightness in some places. It’s a welcome prospect to see more similar projects where these few wrinkles have been ironed out.
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