The Character | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee January 18, 2022

The Character

By Aryan Singh with 6.8

thriller · Short Films · hindi

The Character takes its time introducing you to its world bit by bit. Time is spent on each detail, be it the meticulous cleaning of a tea-cup, enjoying a rendition of La Vie En Rose, a foreign film, or simply smoking late into the night …until the sustained calm is broken by a disturbing sound. The sole character and protagonist does a notable job of adding to the atmosphere established so far with his performance.

Once the viewer has been made aware that mischief is truly afoot, they are given a longer glimpse into the world, one where the many complexities of the human mind are allowed articulation. Faring less only in the department of sound, The Character comes across as a devoted story of creativity and darkness, and the manner in which the two can come to be linked with one another, further allowing the fulfillment of its title as well.
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