The Book Trend | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee April 22, 2022

The Book Trend

By Swapnil Tiwari with 6.7

horror · Short Films · hindi

The story opens and closes with a suggestion of social media, an unmissable presence that will come to pervade the entire plot in a subtle manner. It is the distance that the film covers in between that endeavors to horrify and shock the viewer. This is supplemented by the portrayal of primarily one development - the arrival of a book at the protagonist’s doorstep.

It is a cozy, wintery night, the lights are dim, the room warm, and yet, it soon becomes apparent that something sinister lurks underneath this image of domesticity. Even though the film loses some points when it comes to lighting, it remains equipped with elements of storytelling that will engage and involve the viewer all along.
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