The Astronaut and Her Rose | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee August 3, 2023

The Astronaut and Her Rose

By Siddhant Chandak with 6.7

fantasy · Short Films

An astronaut has found herself stranded in a remote part of the universe, far away from home. The year is 2160, and she is all by herself except for a strange presence - a solitary red rose. The image of a lone figure with only a rose as its companion immediately draws to mind the image of an iconic little boy who too had found companionship in a flower on an empty planet. The image in the viewer’s mind is further strengthened the moment we hear the astronaut’s title, the Little Prince.

The film that subsequently comes into existence is quiet, mellow, and characterized by an intensity of emotion that is both sincere and honest. The result exhibits potential and perhaps could also be developed into a longer project exploring the many (mis?)adventures of this particular Little Prince.
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