The Animal Inside | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee November 4, 2022

The Animal Inside

By Abel Mathew with 6.6

thriller · Short Films · hindi

A man and a woman are in the middle of an intensely heated argument. Things are being shattered, doors are being banged, but as of now, nothing truly irrevocable has happened. This circumstance, however, is soon shattered when the man, Abel, walks into the room to find that the woman has taken her life by slitting her throat. What begins next is a series of swiftly developing events, the thread coming a little undone with each of them.

The storytelling, writing, and vision, all exhibit potential. The narrative is engaging and keeps the viewer amused and entertained throughout. There is also the desire to experiment with visuals and lighting, even if some snags and inconsistencies remain. On the whole, the end result is a sincere endeavor, and the same should definitely be built upon in future projects.

As for the characters, their misfortunes continue, and they sink deeper and deeper into the chaos of their own actions. Though there is a sense of respite waiting for them at the end of it all, would it last long enough to be meaningful?
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