The 24th Hour | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee August 29, 2022

The 24th Hour

By Magheshwar Kumaran with 6.6

thriller · Short Films · tamil

The film is a story of deceit and revenge, of blackmail and backfired plans. The world that it conjures is afflicted by adverse effects of climate change, but more than that, by a weakness of character and selfish motivations driving a man's entire existence. We are met by two contrasting people, Prem and Priya. If the latter is a devoted, loving wife, the former is far from that, treating his wife with cruelty.

However, in a twisted turn of events, Prem soon finds himself at the heart of a phishing attack that ensures that his world will never be the same again. He wakes up one morning to the fateful call where a voice gives him about twelve hours to ensure his video of a compromising circumstance is not released to the world. Action is gradually built within the narrative, taking both the protagonist and the viewer through several moments of high tension and intensity. The antagonist keeps shifting, from one potential threat to another, leaving little to no respite for Prem.

Prem, on the other hand, despite calling in the help of several people, including a former lover, Nancy, and her brother, Alfred, continues to treat people in a terrible manner. As the subsequent story is weaved, the protagonist is forced to pause and assess the consequences of his action. It would have been interesting to see a deeper exploration of the idea of climate change established at the start, and the many ways it could have affected the plot directly, along with a closer engagement with Priya's motivation to stay with an abusive husband, more than a vague idea of love or repentant tears. However, the final result is sincere and well-intentioned and it is with the same perspective that it should be approached and interacted with.
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