That Long Silence | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee June 18, 2021

That Long Silence

By Priyanka Jasani with 6.8

drama · Short Films · hindi

The love towards a city or a place is often for the people and memories associated with it. Same is the case for two elderly woman, who were inseparable in their school days, but eventually lost touch with the passage of time. The film follows their story as they try to rekindle their friendship after thirty long years.

The story is told through Nivedita's point of view as she tidies her house and prepares elaborate dishes for the visit of her old friend, Aruna, in their hometown of Kolkata. She finds herself smiling at random things, recollecting stories to share with her friend and dreaming about the time when they'll finally sit and share old anecdotes.

There is comfort in the thought of letting out inner fears to a known and loved person. Finally, after umpteen preparations, the day of Aruna's arrival is here, but with a twist which leaves both, the viewers and the characters, heartbroken.
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