Thandi Hawa | Ritviz | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day October 7, 2021

Thandi Hawa

By Ritviz with 7.1

music video · Short Films

The national lockdown following the coronavirus pandemic has ensured not only our physical confinement, but also a huge dampening of our moods and spirits. This video by Ritviz thus becomes a much-needed, endearing respite from it all.

Made by compiling crowdsourced videos of different people dancing to the song in their homes, the video of Thandi Hawa offers a metaphorical ray of sunshine, complete with an adequate dose of effervescence and hope. Along with seamless and remarkable editing, it's further achieved by wonderful pacing and weaving together of disparate elements - from different dance forms to household shots and activities people have resorted to to amuse themselves while being quarantined. Overall, it is heartwarming and probably precisely the cheer you need to take your mind off the bleak uncertainty of our lives currently, even if for a little while.
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