Tandav | Ft. Girish Nakod  | Music Video

Short Film of the Day May 17, 2024


By Dino James with 7.5

music video · Short Films · hindi

The rap begins at a note that might not catch your eye first. However, before you can even attempt to write it off, you are proven wrong. Beyond that, it only goes higher and higher and takes you along.

Tandav has sass, attitude and fierceness. As more and more rappers come to the fore, it is difficult to make your own mark. Dino James, on the other hand, stands out most effortlessly with his music, lyrics and the general vibe of his latest offering. Additionally, the collaboration with Girish Nakod only helps to enhance the product. The black and white colour palette and the smooth transitions of tight frames to wide to mid and back again is achieved with a seamlessness that is elegant and worthy of mention. Tandav is a powerful song that promises to give you a glimpse into the contemporary rap scene and the state of the youth, along with the artist's own struggle to secure success, and it indeed delivers on all of that.
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