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Short Film of the Day January 16, 2021


By Amrita Sachdeva with 6.9

drama · Short Films · hindi

Right from the beginning, the narrative comes across as being deeply unsettling, without giving any explicit reason for it, thereby making it all the more involving. It progresses to eventually reveal a harsh reality of verbal abuse that a boy is subjected to by presumably his father.

By simply portraying this situation, the film draws to attention the issue of mental health among Indian students. Further, the lockdown that followed the coronavirus pandemic, exacerbated these pressures and stressors even more, suggests the plot. At the heart of the film is a reminder of the absolute importance of communication between parents, guardians and society on the whole, and how students might find themselves turning to the cruel voices inside if not allowed this channel. It is the expression of this concern that becomes the most notable aspect of the film.
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