Ta'assur | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee May 4, 2022


By Jahanvi Entertainment with 6.8

romance · Short Films

'Ta'assur' is a lovely conversation on hesitation, inhibitions, fears, and the potential of love, be it for the self or someone outside it, to triumph it all. It opens with a scene that immediately conjures a sense of squalor and neglect. It is off-putting as much as it is an accurate representation of the protagonist's life.

When we are taken deeper and deeper into her experiences, a reality marked by isolation and loneliness is further invoked. We see her struggle with crippling social anxiety, and the many ways in which it keeps her from leading the life she wants and deserves.

The character and her portrayal both become notable characteristics of the film that serve to strengthen its universe. Along with the lows, her journey is also constituted by small, endearing moments which receive the justice they deserve by the plot, eventually leaving the viewer with a cohesive, balanced narrative at the end of it all.
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