Synced | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day February 15, 2021


By Hritik Punjabi with 6.8

drama · Short Films

The film opens with a moment of distress, a reality marked by ugliness, a morning that has everything going wrong with it, and yet, amidst it all, there is the possibility of an instance of ease that is achieved with a stranger. It is this thought which forms the premise of Sync.

The narrative introduces us to a woman grieving her father's loss, and in some ways, also holding herself responsible for his death. Alongside this is the story of a man who is battling a major setback in love. As both characters deal with their own respective heartache, the plot seems to be moving towards an overlap of their stories - are they linked in anyway to each other? Are they adding to each other's turmoil?

The viewer finds themselves looking for the answers with these questions, about to be met with them in due time, as the film comes into its own organically. It is further marked by lovely camerawork, strengthened by seamless transitions. The edit complements them wonderfully, the vocals and music are thoughtful and consistent with the mood of the story. All of them together help in conjuring a beautiful tonality and feel of the film, providing adequate closure to all your questions at its conclusion.
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