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Short Film Nominee September 27, 2022


By Anuj Singh with 6.6

romance · Short Films · english

The film plunges us headlong into a moment of extreme tension between Shaurya and Ishita. They have been together for four years, gradually building a life for themselves, only to now have come dangerously close to its end. During the night of this heated argument, Ishita storms out of the house in a fit of rage.

The narrative, thus, comes to be the exploration of a specific moment and its many consequences. Life has brought our two characters at a crossroads where the choice is between passion and an unknown path, and premeditated plans and pragmatism. The film employs a long single-take to introduce us to its world, as well as exhibits potential in terms of storytelling which, though young, should definitely be developed in a similar vein in future projects.
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