Suno | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day November 30, 2023


By Shubham Yogi with 7.4

drama · Short Films · hindi

When a film begins with a trigger warning to not continue if you're a sensitive viewer, of course you will watch it till the very end. However, minus cheap thrills, sensationalism or reverse psychology, Suno is a piece of art which is skilled in itself to catch your attention and keep you engaged throughout.

Definitely not meant for viewers who are quick to respond to trauma, both emotional and physical, the short film approaches the topic of consent in the most poignant manner and introduces them to what could be a potential beginning of abuse. It goes on to portray how patriarchy and internal conditioning can lead men and women to view the same situation in drastically different ways. The powerful writing, when coupled with expert performances by the two actors, puts across a moving message about how even loving, well-intentioned people can neglect their partners, blur the lines of consent and live in denial themselves, while conveniently ignoring its consequences. The short film deserves especial mention in which the narrative builds and sustains itself. The climax, a convincing scene by Vyas and Puri, is precisely the conversation all couples need to sit down and pay attention to, for indeed, not everything can be placed in neat black and white categories.
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