Strolling Through the Jungles | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 13, 2021

Strolling Through the Jungles

By Veer Supunya Devavrat with 6.2

non fiction · Short Films · english

The short narrative is a simple and direct account of a man's unbreakable bond with his dog, Khan. Using a first-person approach, it is delivered by the subject himself. The final product employs a fixed frame to present all its intentions to the viewer. Nawab Sahab regales the viewer with stories of his adventures in the outdoors with his loyal companion who never left his side, even in the face of mortal peril.

Consequently, Strolling Through the Jungles becomes a tale of friendship, love, sacrifice and an inevitable loss. As the protagonist takes a walk down the memory lane himself while sharing the story, it stirs intense emotions for him as well which, in turn, the film wants to portray for its audience.
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