Spin | Short Film of the Day

Short Film of the Day November 7, 2022


By Shihas Shahul with 6.9

dark comedy · Short Films · hindi

‘Spin’ is remarkable in the absurdity it brings to life. Three men, one night and their own sense of emptiness and unhappiness reflected in their faces constitute this world. A man returns from work, exhausted and spent, and sits down with his two flatmates for a strange game they seem to have developed themselves. Is it coping? Is it something to kill time or forget about the futility of existence? Who even knows or cares, suggests the narrative as the characters before us start slapping each other, all along sticking to the rules of the game.

The film makes efficient use of its resources, be it of space or other tools often required to tell an engaging story. Despite the humor inherent to a situation as ridiculous as the one developing before us, a sense of darkness follows too, ensuring you remain involved in the fates of the three men right till the very end.
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