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Special Day | Short Film of the Day

Short film of the Day June 26, 2020

Special Day

By Ajay Shivan with 6.9

drama · Short Films

The premise of the film is straightforward and simple - the selfless dedication of a mother towards her son who is slow in realising and appreciating its value. The narrative does a wonderful job of conveying this through small acts of affection and kindness that a mother does for her child - sometimes chiding him, sometimes surprising him, but never being anything less than loving and caring towards him.

The son, on the contrary, finds himself preoccupied with his own friends and love life, celebrating his birthday with them, until the realisation dawns upon him. Sheeba Chaddha is most convincing and endearing as the mother, striking just the right chords in terms of chemistry and performance. The film is constituted by visually pleasing frames that help to further enhance the story. Despite its simplicity and complete absence of any complex tools, the film manages to win the viewer over and leave them with a sense of warmth and tenderness.

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