Son of Satpura | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee July 24, 2022

Son of Satpura

By Manan Pareek with 6.6

documentary · Short Films · hindi

The narrative takes us into the life of Tulsiram who lives in Dharakhoh, a quiet corner of rural India close to Bhopal and Nagpur. His existence is simple and marked only by a life of needs. The wants are few, as are the demands from the world around him. The intention of the narrative seems to echo and celebrate this simplicity.

We are presented with little anecdotes from our protagonist’s life. From mysteries of cows who suddenly stop lactating to the many small ways in which he makes a living for himself to the manner in which his village changes with the changing seasons of the year - all of these various elements have a role to play in sharing his story. The end result is straightforward and well-meaning.
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