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Short Film of the Day May 20, 2023


By Anubhav Kashyap with 7

educational · Short Films

The film packs a powerful, pertinent comment in its conciseness. The entirety of the narrative unfolds within the confines of a single conversation. Three men discuss the sexual assault and violence inflicted on women. One of the characters mentions how more and more of these cases are being brought to light, only to be dismissed by another, saying that of course women who step out of the house and dress in a certain way, deserve what is coming their way.

The most crucial character, however, in this entire development becomes the fourth man, the quiet listener who does not participate directly. In a notable, controlled, and skilled manner, the film thus presents a crucial commentary on sexism, misogyny, and the extremely damaging and rampant forces of patriarchy wreaking havoc on society.
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