Smritir Pak | Short Film Nominee

Short Film Nominee March 17, 2020

Smritir Pak

By Jitu Das with 6.9

drama · Short Films · assamese

Smritir Pak, or Maze of Memory, is precisely that, an engagement with the past, time and memory. As a boy sits in his room, the story follows a non-linear trajectory to take the viewer down the same memory line as the protagonist. He revisits his childhood, and also the fantasies and imaginary friends he took comfort in to cope with it.

While the symbols of childhood still exist (a red balloon, the memory of a friend who perhaps never existed), their meaning have completely changed. From climbing trees and running in fields, to strumming a guitar in the confines of a room - the protagonist has covered a long journey. The narrative is weaved with a sense of melancholy that never truly leaves the viewer. There is further a sense of the forward movement of life, but one which is never devoid of the past it always carries with it.
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